The digital guide – a new way of bird identification

août 16 2019


The digital guide – a new way of bird identification

A new concept by SWAROVSKI OPTIK will enchant curious birders worldwide. Documenting, identifying, and sharing your discoveries has never been easier.



The digital guide offers a simple way to take photos of birds without referring to a Digiscoping adapter. Just press the button on your digital guide and transfer a photo of what you are looking at to your smartphone.



With the digital guide, you can reach the next level of birding:

Step 1: Look through the digital guide and discover an unknown bird.

Step 2: Take a photo by pressing the button.

Step 3: Find out which species you are looking at by taking a look at your smartphone (thanks to the integrated Merlin bird ID app, everything runs automatically).


You can livestream your discoveries and instantly share your experience with friends nearby. This way, advanced birders can teach you a trick or two on how to find birds.


Curious? Then seize your chance to experience this groundbreaking innovation at an event close to you: Meet the digital guide

Further information will follow in the first half of the year 2020.

In the meantime, stay tuned at #digitalguide for more exciting insights.

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